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"IPcfg.com" is not just showing your IP-address at the entrance to the main page, but provides useful services.

  • Do you want to know if your computer at home or in your office is turning on in time of your absence?
  • Should your server send notifications on any events?
  • Do you need to get messages from the script of your site about specified actions of the user?

Small, but simple and easy-to-use web-service "IPcfg.com" will help you. Of course, you can set up a difficult monitoring system, which is used for professional servers. But why do you need it for performing simple actions? With "IPcfg.com" you do not need to be the high-class expert to start using it.

Visit demo account and see how things work. And if you like it complete a simple registration and use "IPcfg.com" for free. Registration is necessary to make sure of the correctness of e-mail, on which you will be getting signals, of course, if you want it.

API "IPcfg.com" has no limitation of the number of requests, and the requests are stored for 30 days.

If something seemed to you inconvenient or there is a lack of any function please write me and I'll try my best to do it for you.

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